Linking Australia to Greater China

Secvest Capital

Since 1988



Secvest was first established in 1988 and evolved into Secvest Capital (SCL) as a boutique financial house, specialising in cross-border transactions, investments (including in Fintech) and businesses between Australia and China.


Over the years, our team has accumulated a wealth of successful experience in acquiring, building, and managing businesses as well as in the local debt and equity capital markets.


Financial Services

Secvest Capital's capital market activities focus on the building of longer term relationships with its targeted business partners particularly SMEs. Where appropriate, Secvest Capital endeavours to adopt a flexible approach with a view of delivering a superior outcome for all parties involved.


Our People

 We Consider our well-structured, professional, highy qualified and bi-cultural team to be our most important asset.




Head Office:

Level 3, 257  Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000  Australia


Representations in:

Beijing, Fu Zhou, Guang Zhou, Hong Kong, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Wuhan


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